Anatomy of an IoT System

The general configuration of an HalowIt system for multi-km area coverage is composed of:

  1. One or many remote base stations covering the entire area;
  2. Zero or one central base station connecting the remote base stations (PtM: Point-to-Multipoint) with Sector Antennas;
  3. Base stations have Internet Cloud access via the public 5G network or Broadband;
  4. Edge nodes (computation and data storage) at the mast base to improve response times and save bandwidth.
  5. The Internet Cloud that Analyze, Monitor, Store data from the IoT network.

The Halowit Base station is composed of the:

  1. AP-Halowit access point
  2. Omnidirectioanl antenna for the AP-Halowit
  3. Sector Antennas for greater range and capacity (option)
  4. Mast (option)
  5. Edge computer (option)
  6. 5G gateway (option)
  7. Solar kit for remote off-grid (option)

On the terrain, the edge IoT devices send or receive information and orders from:  

  • USB-Halowit connected to PC for audio/video as well as data stream data;
  • M-Halowit to connect Sensors and Actuators;
  • Halowit leMVP node with Sensors and Actuators (coming soon).