<p style="font-size:60px;color:#35759C"> HaLowIt, by DOMINIOT </p>

The Long-awaited IoT solution Sub-Ghz Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi 802.11ah – HaLow

One step beyond for your IoT network

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Low Cost

  • Minimal infrastructure
  • License exempts
  • No contract, no data plan to pay
  • Long range

  • 1-3km coverage area
  • Deep indoor coverage and wall penetration
  • High Performance

  • Data, voice and video support
  • Up to 32.8Mbps
  • Up to 8,000 nodes from a single access point.
  • WiFi modes for large coverage area
  • Fast-roaming among access points.
  • Long Battery Life

  • Coin cell battery devices for months or years
  • Efficient sleep and power saving modes
  • Open Standard

  • It is Wi-Fi
  • As easy to deploy as Wi-Fi
  • Native IP support
  • No need for proprietary hubs or gateways
  • Security

  • Latest Wi-Fi Security
  • Next generation robust WPA3 protocol


    Welcome to the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), where all devices are interconnected and share information with each other seamlessly. In this fast-paced world, connectivity is key, and that’s where the DominIoT HaLowIt product line comes in.


    The DominIoT HaLowIt solution is based on the Wi-Fi 802.11ah – also called Wi-Fi HaLow™ (pronounced halo) – a low-power, long-range version of the Wi-Fi standard. Wi-Fi HaLow facilitates the implementation of a private, scalable and long-range Wi-Fi network infrastructure for the IoT. It operates in the sub-GHz band (750-950MHz) and addresses the weaknesses of Wi-Fi in (industrial) IoT and machine-to-machine communication while at the same time maintaining all the benefits of the world-wide Wi-Fi eco system.


    Our DominIoT HaLowIt Product line is designed to provide reliable and efficient connectivity for IoT devices. With its cutting-edge technology, our products ensure seamless communication between your devices, providing you with a world-class experience.


    Our product line is specifically designed to cater to the needs of IoT devices, ensuring secure and seamless connectivity at all times. With easy-to-use installation and setup, the DominIoT HaLowIt products provide a hassle-free user experience and offers high-speed connectivity with low latency and high bandwidth. In summary, the DominIoT HaLowIt Product line is the perfect solution for IoT connectivity, providing fast, reliable, and secure connectivity to all kind of smart devices.


    The DominIoT HaLowIt Product line is composed of the AP-HaLowIt access point to form a complete Wi-Fi HaLow infrastructure network, the USB-HaLowIt USB key connecting your computer to the Wi-Fi HaLow network and the tiny M-HaLowIt module that easily fits onto your IoT device to connect to the Wi-Fi HaLow network.